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5 Stars


Hair Qwest | Shannon's Testimonial

It is difficult to put into words what Hair Qwest has done for me personally. I would not have met my soul mate, which means I would not be smiling everyday like I am now! My personal confidence was restored when I started wearing hair, it completely changed my life and the way I viewed myself and everyone around me. There is no shame in wearing professional, beautiful hair systems. I am thankful every single day for the beauty and joy that are mine simply by fixing my hair problem.

~ Shannon S.

5 Stars


Hair Qwest | Ty's Testimonial

Mark and Hair Qwest literally changed my life! Besides all the reassurance that he is always there for his clients, Mark has become a life long friend!

~ Ty M.



5 Stars


Hair Qwest | Pat's Testimonial

I would have not retired so early if I had known about Hair Qwest. I was so self conscious of my thinning hair that I did not feel comfortable being in front of people. Now, I have the hair I’ve always wanted and it helps me look younger. Who doesn’t want to look younger?

~ Pat K.

5 Stars


Hair Qwest | Ron's Testimonial

I have known Mark & Raffi for the last 7 years and Nikki for the past 6 months. At Hair Qwest the friendly & professional service is very welcoming. Hair Qwest gives me the confidence to conduct business and lead an active life with the utmost comfort. I consider them part of my extended "familial".

~ Ron Q.

5 Stars


Hair Qwest | Lynette's TestimonialI have always wanted long straight hair! Mark is a phenomenal person. It is such a pleasure to come just to see him.

P.S. My hair looks better than I could ever dream it would. Thank you Hair Qwest.

~ Lynette L.

5 Stars


Hair Qwest | Rafael's TestimonialGo to Hair Qwest. I have been to the competition and they are, by far, the BEST! I am very happy with the staff and service.

~ Rafael P.



5 Stars


Hair Qwest | Rafael's TestimonialI cannot begin to say how pleased I am with the results I’ve obtained from Hair Qwest. I look younger and feel great about myself. They are the best at what they do. Thank you Hair Qwest!

~ Mark J.


5 Stars


I used to obsess over my thinning hair and spend hours trying to look presentable in public. Now I obsess when I see my reflection in a mirror or store window. I look adorable!

Hair Qwest renewed my self-confidence and I am enjoying life again! Instead of hiding from the embarrassment of thinning hair, I feel free to see and be seen.

Hair Qwest has made all the difference. Truly a life-changing experience.

~ Judy R.

5 Stars


Without Hair Qwest, I never would have had the confidence I have in facing clients in the business world. It lets me be "normal" in that first impressions are everything. Mark of course is fabulous!

~ Laurie C.

5 Stars


Hair Qwest delivers personalized attention that is catered to your needs. The quality of their product is better then any other system out there. I highly recommend Hair Qwest. Thank you for making me look so good and feel normal.

~ JoAnn D.

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We stand behind the services we offer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will love your new look when you leave Hair Qwest.



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